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Why Wear a Compression Garment

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Minimize Swelling, Bruising and Pain

Well-Made Surgical Compression Garments are designed to provide the perfect amount of pressure uniformly across you body. This keeps swelling in check and keeps discomfort to a minimum. Without a garment, swelling can be more severe, which can lead to tense skin, irritate nerve fibers and damaged blood vessels. A compression Garment helps minimize all of these things, aids in faster recovery and makes the whole process more comfortable.

Prevent Skin Dimpling

For about 4-6 weeks after surgery, your body will be working overtime to heal. Just as you form a scar to mend a cut on your finger, you also form scar tissue under your skin after you have surgery. Without the garment, your skin will be building scar tissue all over, and that’s how you wind up with dimples, wrinkles, and depressions in your skin. These irregularities are much less likely to happen if you wear your compression garment.

Encourage Sagging Skin To Shrink

The garment minimizes and smooths saggy skin. It’s natural for skin to sag after the fat is removed. Without the right compression garment, skin will not heal in the right place. The proper compression helps shrink and contract so that it eventually looks like the fat was never there. The garment doesn’t guarantee that all the skin will tighten up, but it helps improve consistency.

Wearing a high-quality compression garment is almost as important and the surgery itself.  If you choose not to wear your garment, even the best Plastic Surgeon can't give you perfect results.  Liposuction is all about the way things heal.  In many ways, YOU actually play the most important role in how good your final result will be.

First Stage And Second Stage Garments

Stage One Garments provide proper compression immediately following surgery and are to be worn as your doctor specifies. This zippered garment with hooks and eyes, and reinforced seams, allows for uniform radial compression and durability during the critical immediate post-operative period, and easy on and off removal.

Stage Two Garments provide continued healing compression and support during the second stage of recovery (typically 2-8 weeks post-op). This non-zippered, pull-on garment is for additional support to the newly contoured body. Second stage garments also fit smoothly under clothing as patients become more active and keep zippers from making impressions in the skin.

Online Appointment Bookings!

In-person and Mobile Fitting Services are available By Appointment to clients located within British Columbia's Lower Mainland area.Please call ahead or Book An Appointment to arrange a fitting time, to view product or to come by for a visit.

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Important Healthy Tip!

Due to long, continuous periods of time that you may need to wear the garment, it is recommended to purchase 2 garments. Having two garments will enable you to always have a freshly clean garment, while the other is being laundered.

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