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Compression Garments 

1st Stage garments are typically worn immediately after a procedure.  These garments have zippers and/or hook & eye closures to make it easier to take the garment on and off during the first part of your recovery.  On average, a physician will most likely recommend you wear a first stage garment for three to four weeks.  During this time, the garment should be worn at all times and only be removed to shower or bathe.

2nd Stage can be worn approximately 10 days to 2 weeks following a procedure, a 2nd stage garment is also recommended.  Since the body is now accumulating less fluid, the 2nd stage garment can be worn for less time during each 24-hour period.  A 2nd stage garment does not have closures, has a tighter fit and provides greater compression to ensure proper skin retraction, fluid reduction and tissue adherence.