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Garment Care

Your garment should be hand washed.  The garment should be washed in cold water and air/line-dried.  Washing your garment in hot water or drying with an electric or gas dryer may ruin the garment.  To remove any stains, the garment can be soaked in cold water with 1/4 cup of peroxide added.  After the garment has soaked, it can be hand washed and air/line-dried.

Please note, these garments are not the standard garments you can buy at regular retail stores.  They are moisture-managed compression control garments that have been treated with Naturexx.


naturexx-logo.jpg•  Keeps the wearer cool and dry

•  Evaporates body moisture

•  Decreases the sensation of discomfort

•  Lowers the risk of irritation and rashes

•  Provides optimal performance and comfort

With proper use and care, these garments will remain cool and fresh for extended periods of time.