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Scar Therapy Q & A

Is your product covered by insurance?

Curalux (and the manufacturer) do not submit insurance claims, but you can contact your insurance for possible reimbursement.

Do any of the Biodermis products work on Stretch Marks or Acne scars?

Usually acne scars & stretch marks are below the surface of the skin. These products are designed specifically for hypertrophic and keloid scars which are usually raised above the surface of the skin.

How soon will I see improvement in the appearance of my scar?

Many patients notice improvement within one to two weeks of proper use.  However, every scar responds differently and especially older scars may take longer before you notice improvement.

Can Scar Therapy products be used while out in the sun?

Epi-Derm does not have SPF protection; it’s best to remove it before prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Do not use sunblock underneath Scar Therapy products.

How long will gel sheeting last?

Once gel sheeting has been applied to the scar site, it can be used for 1-2 weeks. When it begins to lose its adhesive qualities, or when surface dirt becomes difficult to remove with proper daily washing, it is time to replace the sheet. 

Unused product, whether opened, or unopened, will last for years when stored properly.

How effective is Epi-Derm on older scars?

Clinical studies have shown the newer the scar, the better the results.  One such study found a success rate of scar reduction up to 85% on scars under 1 year old, and a rate of about 65% for scars over 10 years old. 

With Epi-Derm gel sheets do I also need Pro-Sil or Xeragel?

Pro-Sil and Xeragel are frequently used during the day on exposed scars (facial, hands, elbows, etc.). For 24 hour a day usage, many patients prefer Epi-Derm scar silicone sheets at night when they are at home or sleeping, because a single sheet will last all night.