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About Surgical Compression Garments:

"I needed a compression vest for upcoming surgery. I have never had surgery before, but Jenny, while perfectly and professionally fitting my vests, knew exactly the things to say to make me feel less anxious. She was helpful and informative with lots of great advice given in a low-key way free of imposition that was just perfect for me. A great experience when I was expecting a distressing one." - D.A.

"Very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Jennifer was able to see me on short notice, so I got my compression garment for the surgery I was having the next morning! Thank you very much." - R.D.S.

"After falling heavily on my road bike, I spent days in 'rib agony', that painful condition about which you can do nothing. Then my personal trainer suggested a compression vest. On Boxing Day! Within a matter of hours I was fitted and feeling better. Jenny has a great telephone manner and an even better "bedside manner" - complete confidence and empathy - and she knows her stuff. Highly recommended - Well done Jenny." - L.H.

"Jenny was extremely knowledgeable not only about fitting me for a bra to use after breast reduction surgery (which is really hard to do when you're not sure what size you'll be afterwards), but also about the various surgical variations and how to best prepare yourself & your home for the recovery weeks after the fact! She really helped take away my stress around the preparation, the surgery itself and the recovery period. Jenny is very professional, friendly, personable and makes the whole experience enjoyable and comfortable. She's an excellent health care professional to have on your team!" - T.V.

"An awkward situation made un-awkward!" - J.T.

Chest Binders & Fittings:

"I was a little nervous at first, but Jennifer knows how to make people feel comfortable and at ease. I wanted to get this right the first time, so decided to book a fitting. VERY happy with the service and results! I will definitely recommend Curalux Vancouver to anyone looking to find a binder that works for them. She gave some very good tips and suggestions for use, care, and wear. I was able to walk away with a binder right from the fitting, and she said that ordering more is very quick and easy, at most a week or so if she doesn't have stock." - A.G.

"Very friendly yet very professional." - I.A.

"I recently went to Curalux for a fitting for a Breast Binder. She was very knowledgeable, made me feel very comfortable, relaxed and even had a few laughs. Had a fantastic overall experience. It was very much worth the few days it took to book in for a fitting. Instead of ordering online and not always getting what fits properly and having to send it back and getting the wrong size again, I was able to be fitted for a proper sized binder and well as one that was the next size up for days where I want a bit more movement and the ability to wear it longer. I felt no pressure and felt in good hands that I was being fitted by someone who works in the reconstructive surgery field who was very knowledgeable about the products and also was caring enough to explain the healthy way to use the Curalux binders. I would high recommend that you skip the hassle of online ordering and go to a professional like Curalux and the brands they carry. I feel that when it's time to replace the 2 binders I bought, I know 100% that I can give Curalux a call a few weeks before its time to replace them and they will be in and will be the correct sizes. Thank You sooo much for your sensitivity to trangendered persons and Thank You for giving us a place we can go right in our own community to buy great products. I would rather support a great local business than one that does not know me. Thank You for your support and the care you took to explain everything. If your looking for a binder this is the way to go, the healthy choice." - S.M.

"Knowledgeable, friendly and above all respectful. I felt very comfortable with the process of trying on the garment. Good communication with updates if an item needs to be ordered. Thanks." - T.P.

"Super friendly. Very professional. Overall great experience. Love being able to see and feel the underworks binders - even better to be fitted. Thanks!" - A.F.

About Postpartum Garments:

"During the delivery of my baby, I injured myself.  In the weeks after the birth the joints surrounding my pelvis and lower back were very loose which led to severe pain.  After trying several belts that although partially helpful would continuously slip out of position, I purchased the PBS02 Body Suit compression garment.  The garment has been great not only in helping me regain my figure, but more importantly in providing support for my back and pelvis which reduced the pain substantially while helping me heal.  It never shifts out of place and improves my posture. Seven weeks postpartum,and with the help of this garment I am wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes (not the stretchy ones either)!" - M.O.

"After having my daughter two years ago, I'm back down to my pre pregnancy weight, but my body, especially my stomach area is just not what it used to be.   The garment is easy to take on and off and is very comfortable to wear.  Compared with other garments available, the open crotch feature is really well made and is actually functional!  Saving you from having to repeatedly take the garment off and on with every bathroom break. And when you are wearing a fitted outfit, that is not always easy.  Wearing it helps me feel more confident as I am not self-conscious of my post baby tummy pooch.  It helps bring everything in, giving me that slimmer hour glass figure once again." - A.F.L.

About Scar Therapy Products:

"Jenny recommended scar therapy patches for a dark, medium sized scar I have on my leg.  Shortly after regular use of the product, my scar was drastically lighter in appearance and was reducing in size.  It is now nearly impossible to see.  Thank you Jenny!" - J.B.